Monday, June 14, 2010

Final Image Captures

This overview of the bridge gives us a good idea of what I was trying to achieve in regard to power. As you can see, the bridge's supports are highly prominent, extending from the bridge's highest point to the valley floor as well as swooping into the walls of the valley on both sides. Every aspect of the bridge and its components relies on these supports, and it is through this that I intended to convey the idea that support is necessary for the maintenance of power. I attempted to further portray this through texturing the main support column.
Here is a closer look at the bridge's structure. As you can see, both Helen Keller and Angela Merkels' offices (on the left and right respectively) as well as the platforms from which the elevators arrive and depart, are attached to the bridge's supports.

Angela Merkel's office. Built on top of one of the bridge's supports, the office also protrudes into the valley wall itself, adding interest to the interior decoration. The office is squat and solid, representing the power Merkel receives from German voters, who see her as a dependable politician. The office has no windows, allowing Merkel no distraction from her work, but the ceiling is partly open to allow sunshine and fresh air inside.

Helen Keller's office. Spacious and open, Keller's office has been designed to maximise her exposure to the natural world. She would surely appreciate the feel of fresh mountain air and rays of sunshine on her face as she sat and wrote. The office is also intentionally tenuous, representing the fragility of Keller's state. Railings run along each edge of the office, and follow Keller's path to her elevator. The purpose of these is two-fold. Firstly to prevent her from falling, and secondly to act as a guide to her destination.

The meeting point and dining table. The meeting area is situated in an idyllic location, next to a waterfall, which would hopefully provide the clients with a stimulating environment. You can see the elevators in the background, with another railing to guide Keller to the meeting. The pervading idea regarding the meeting point is that it is once again reliant on the bridge's supports, as it can only be accessed via the elevators, which are integrated into the bridge's columns. The meeting area also introduces the idea of collaboration between figures in power, highlighting the idea that power can be maintained through alliances between those who have it. A couple of human figures have been included in this image to give an idea of scale.

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