Monday, June 14, 2010

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Elevator Keys

Angela Merkel elevator - down: "o"
- up: "b"

Helen Keller elevator - down : "p"
- up: "n"

Final Image Captures

This overview of the bridge gives us a good idea of what I was trying to achieve in regard to power. As you can see, the bridge's supports are highly prominent, extending from the bridge's highest point to the valley floor as well as swooping into the walls of the valley on both sides. Every aspect of the bridge and its components relies on these supports, and it is through this that I intended to convey the idea that support is necessary for the maintenance of power. I attempted to further portray this through texturing the main support column.
Here is a closer look at the bridge's structure. As you can see, both Helen Keller and Angela Merkels' offices (on the left and right respectively) as well as the platforms from which the elevators arrive and depart, are attached to the bridge's supports.

Angela Merkel's office. Built on top of one of the bridge's supports, the office also protrudes into the valley wall itself, adding interest to the interior decoration. The office is squat and solid, representing the power Merkel receives from German voters, who see her as a dependable politician. The office has no windows, allowing Merkel no distraction from her work, but the ceiling is partly open to allow sunshine and fresh air inside.

Helen Keller's office. Spacious and open, Keller's office has been designed to maximise her exposure to the natural world. She would surely appreciate the feel of fresh mountain air and rays of sunshine on her face as she sat and wrote. The office is also intentionally tenuous, representing the fragility of Keller's state. Railings run along each edge of the office, and follow Keller's path to her elevator. The purpose of these is two-fold. Firstly to prevent her from falling, and secondly to act as a guide to her destination.

The meeting point and dining table. The meeting area is situated in an idyllic location, next to a waterfall, which would hopefully provide the clients with a stimulating environment. You can see the elevators in the background, with another railing to guide Keller to the meeting. The pervading idea regarding the meeting point is that it is once again reliant on the bridge's supports, as it can only be accessed via the elevators, which are integrated into the bridge's columns. The meeting area also introduces the idea of collaboration between figures in power, highlighting the idea that power can be maintained through alliances between those who have it. A couple of human figures have been included in this image to give an idea of scale.

Chosen Textures






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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Elevator Ride!

Changing perspectives...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bridge Draft (no offices, elevators or meeting point)

To reflect the idea that you can't have power without support, I've created a bridge that has a relatively simple span, allowing for heavy emphasis on its supports. I wanted eyes to be immediately drawn to the supports, and therefore they are strikingly shaped and designed, yet hopefully still viable in a practical sense. I also took this idea into consideration when constructing the valley, as its large height (or depth?!) allowed for more potential when creating the supports. The elevator platforms and the elevators themselves will rely on the supports, as will the clients' offices, and this is also indicative of my message regarding power.

The elevators will descend from the two square platforms down the sides of the two main columns.

Chosen Clients

My commentary on power revolves around the idea that no matter how much of it you have, no matter how influential you are, you could not have risen to or maintained that level of power without support - be it from other people or products. The two clients that I think most reflect this sentiment are Helen Keller and Angela Merkel.

Helen Keller
- Keller's inspirational and astounding achievements, which showed to countless people with disability around the world that life was worth living, could not have been possible without the support of those closest to her, such as Anne Sullivan.

Angela Merkel - Merkel's position as German Chancellor, and the power that comes with it, is entirely dependent on the whims of the German population. Merkel needs the support of these people to retain her power.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Mashup - No power without support

This mashup aims to highlight the idea that you cannot rise to power or maintain it without support of some kind. In the case of Helen Keller, it was the aid of those close to her. With Miranda Kerr, the power given to her by her looks is maintained through health and beauty products. Angela Merkel's power is maintained by the votes of German citizens. My approach to the idea of power will be further explained in later posts.

On 3rd March 1887 Anne arrived at the house in Tuscumbia and for the first time met Helen Keller. Anne immediately started teaching Helen to take a look at the inside and see how celebs create well-being in their lives. Then, after a month of Anne's teaching, what the people of the time called a "miracle" occurred. Voters spurned plans by Merkel's Social Democratic challenger to raise taxes on top earners. Frank-Walter Steinmeier's SPD had its worst post-war result in what he called a "bitter day" after sharing power with Merkel for four years and governing for the previous seven. Miranda Kerr...always looks amazing and is the poster girl for zen living, so let's take a look at her tips: "I really have to look after my hair otherwise the colour looks dull. I use hair treatments every couple of weeks and invest in good salon shampoos and conditioners to keep it looking healthy," she adds. Anne could immediately see in her face that she finally understood. Helen's progress from then on was astonishing. Helen had become famous, (and) filled the following years with lecture tours, tax cuts and labour-market deregulation after winning re-election with enough support to govern with the pro-business Free Democrats. With the help of Anne Sullivan, Merkel said she'll press ahead (with) Tahitian Noni Juice: "It's what I put in the inside so I glow on the outside".

Helen Keller - "Helen Keller", RNIB, 2010, (accessed 5/6/10).

Miranda Kerr - "Welcome", Miranda.Kerr-net, (accessed 5/6/10).

Angela Merkel - "Merkel wins majority for tax-cut coalition in Germany", Bloomberg, (accessed 5/6/10).

Two Point Perspectives

One Point Perspectives

The Valley

Yosemite National Park, California, USA.

My Valley. I have incorporated some exceptional features of the Yosemite valley into my Crysis environment, including the sheer cliffs, forested floor and waterfall. However, I have narrowed the valley to make a bridge more viable, and have added a more prominent river for the sake of aesthetics more than anything else! Although this picture does not show it, there is a clearing in the forest near the base of the waterfall where the clients will meet.

EXPERIMENT 3! The Three Clients

Helen Keller
Miranda Kerr

Angela Merkel

Sunday, May 2, 2010

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5 final screenshots

I realise I will be penalised for this, but I tried and tried to transfer textures from sketchup to to sandbox without success. I have no idea what the problem is - it infuriated me! My model is therefore regrettably blank, but I wasn't sure what else I could do. I have also included in this section images of my final three textures so you can at least see what they should have looked like.

My model allows ease of access for both Darwin and Hawking, with a slope leading up to the front of the structure and ramps leading to all areas. Hawking's studio is on the left (when looking from the front), with easier wheelchair access, and a shorter distance to travel. Darwin's studio is on the right. Both scientists have been given some cover but are largely exposed to nature when in their studios, aiding their studies. Both scientists have spectacular and inspirational views. When moving to the meeting point, the scientists physically travel higher, representing the evolution of their combined ideas.

The height of the meeting point indicates that collaboration can lead to more successful thinking.

The scientists must climb from their already high studios to the even higher studio.

If my textures had worked, the meeting point would have been light and the two studios would have been darker, further promoting the idea of collaboration.

This is what my textures would have looked like...

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