Sunday, April 11, 2010

3d warehouse

Animation 3

Animation 2

Animation 1

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Finished model overview

Above: Abstract (Richard Goodwin's "Rhizome")
Below: Bizarre (Patricia Piccinini's "Nature's Little Helpers - Surrogate")
Final materials:
Above: concrete, glass, copper, sandstone, steel
Gallery: stone, steel, glass, carpet
Below: corrugated glass, concrete, metal panelling, corrugated iron

3 views with textures

Here is the gallery. This view gives us a nice overall feel for the building's structure, while allowing us to see the artworks on display inside as well as the custom texture applied to the roof. For this texture I used the word "cellular", and the material is stone.

The word I used for the top studio's custom texture is "woven". I applied this material, which is copper, to the walkways to make them stand out a little bit more. I wanted to emphasize their importance to the overall structure.

The bottom studio's custom texture originated from the word "trabecular" and the material is carpet. I thought the inclusion of a carpet with a such a strange pattern would add to the oddness of the studio - it is, after all, meant to be bizarre! The rich blue colour gives the studio a distinguished look.

Youtube video

Playgrounds such as these have features which I tried to imitate especially in my above ground studio. These features include abstract metal beams, platforms raised above the ground, as well as an air of fun, adventure and frivolity. I wanted this studio to be not only interesting to look at, but actually interesting to experience. To create an artwork high above the ground, to have to traverse narrow platforms and strangely shaped staircases on a daily basis, isn't necessarily practical, but it definitely would be exciting.

36 custom textures

Artworks in the model

Piccinini's artwork in the bottom studio

Goodwin's artwork in (on) the top studio

Both artworks on display in the gallery

Sketchup model 2, plus stairs and gallery

Here is my second attempt, and one that I am definitely more pleased with.
Above ground: abstract
Below ground: bizarre
I wanted my above ground studio to be reminiscent of a play ground, as well as bearing the hallmarks of the Goodwin sculpture from which it is derived. The height of the structure, its obvious safety risks, and its haphazard nature I think give it an interesting appeal. I wanted the below ground studio to have a strange yet elegant shape, while reminding the viewer of Piccinini's Nature's Little Helpers - Surrogate. If you look at the overall shape of the structure it is vaguely similar to the clawed arm of Piccinini's work. The gallery is intentionally plainer, to act as a counterweight or buffer to the two rather odd designs above and below it. At the same time I wanted it to incorporate features of both studios.
By the way, if anyone was wondering, those crane-like structures on top of the above ground studio are just that... a vague representation of how Goodwin would move his materials and work from the studio to the gallery.
Materials used: Steel, concrete and glass.

The overall model: above, below and gallery.

Above ground and the gallery.

Below ground.
I wanted the stairs to be as varied and interesting as the overall studios.

The section I based the model on is the bottom one in this picture (obviously!).